Mobility for any company worker provides new applications that can deliver increased productivity, cost savings, security improvements, and faster access to information that ultimately leads to better decision making. The fixed edge of the enterprise network is giving way to the ‘mobile edge’—a new way of connecting users to information. The mobile edge transcends the enterprise network perimeter, appearing wherever the user needs access to information—on the campus, in a regional or branch office, at retail outlets, at home, and on the road. The mobile edge makes use of existing high-speed networks—the corporate LAN, the corporate WAN, and the Internet. It does not replace these existing networks, but deploys on top of them as a service overlay, preventing disruptive equipment changes and preserving investment. At the same time, the mobile edge permits a large-scale reduction in cost for the wired network through port consolidation, reduced equipment needs, reduced power requirements, and the elimination of move/add/change costs. AYC&T have the in- house skills to provide consultancy services, implementation and support for your enterprise mobility requirements and can work with you to define areas of your business that can benefit greatly from this.

Contact Centers provide the front door to your organization as an access point to communicate with your clients. Customers demand the ability to contact you through a range of mediums, including voice, fax, email, text chat and even the emergence of video. AYC&T has the skills and expertise to assist in building “Greenfield” contact center solutions, or integrating and transitioning from your existing technology to new. We work with you to understand how your organization works and how it handles communication with your customers, enabling us to maximize the efficiencies to be gained from the implementation of the technology solution. AYC&T can also offer system audits, customized reporting and training services to assist with the day to day requirements of operating a center.

UNIVERGE 3C is a complete, software-based, unified communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way a business and individuals communicate.
This comprehensive solution delivers a fully functional IP-PBX along with a complete set of voice features and sophisticated unified communications (UC) and collaboration applications that can be tailored to your specific business needs.
It provides the necessary agility for today’s dynamic work environment and enables total control over how, when and where you choose to be reached – truly empowering your workforce.
UNIVERGE 3C operates across premise, cloud or hybrid environments. Through its standards-based components and distributed software architecture, it delivers to you unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability to keep your organization competitive in today’s marketplace.