Avaya IP telephony solutions provide customers a powerful way to capitalize on the benefits of IP telephony. Avaya offers a complete communications architecture that provides software, infrastructure and services to help enterprises stay nimble. The Avaya Communications Architecture helps enable enterprises to reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenue by providing solutions to business imperatives.

Avaya IP Telephony Solutions:

Avaya IP telephony solutions provide customers a powerful way to capitalize on the benefits of IP telephony. Avaya offers a complete communications architecture that provides software, infrastructure and services to help enterprises stay nimble. The Avaya Communications Architecture helps enable enterprises to reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenue by providing solutions to business imperatives.

Avaya provides a single point of accountability for convergence that helps distributed and mobile global enterprises leverage their skills and core competencies. Our standards–based solutions interoperate in today’s multi–vendor environments, providing the confidence and ability businesses need to reap business results as their environments evolve.

Avaya IP solutions allow you to decide when and where it makes sense for your enterprise to deploy IP telephony. You can IP–enable your existing Avaya DEFINITY® Servers–leveraging your current investments in Avaya technology–or install a complete IP solution. These Avaya IP solution components can be combined, at your pace, to deliver a world–class solution to meet your business needs:

Avaya MultiVantage™ Communications Applications, a set of software solutions for telephony, contact centers, messaging, and unified communication

A modular set of media servers and media gateways

Communications devices (software based, digital and analog) including SIP–enabled devices

Avaya Integrated Management set of system and network management solutions to manage a converged network

Avaya Global Services

Now you have more choices in IP telephony to help you reach success

Contact Center/CRM Solution:

Unleash the Power of Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that spans the entire organization from front-office to back-office. It is a commitment to put customers at the heart of the enterprise. The right CRM strategy and solutions can help securely, reliably and consistently:

Delight customers with each and every interaction, by empowering them with anytime, anywhere, and any channel access to accurate information and more personalized service.

Reach more customers more effectively, increase customer retention and boost customer loyalty by leveraging opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell and drive repeat business at lower costs.

Drive improvements in business performance by providing customers with the ability to access more information through self-service and assisted-service capabilities when it is convenient for them.

Enable virtualization of the enterprise as more people and resources extend beyond the office walls and be open to business opportunities from around the world.

Balance sophisticated functionality with rapid implementation and effective support for a faster return on CRM investments

Avaya CRM solutions offer tools that can help empower customers, employees and partners; build strong business relationships; improve bottom line performance; and provide the necessary competitive differentiation. They deliver just what is needed to win in today’s challenging economy where customers control the relationship. With customers in control, it is the experience being delivered across every channel and touch point that really matters. Avaya Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions deliver customer experiences that can increase the value of any company and impact bottom line profitability.

Unified Communication Solutions
Extend, Access, Integrate and Deploy with Avaya Unified Communication Solutions

How do you win in the new customer economy? How do you build customer loyalty? Long-term relationships? Sales? Productivity? Those are tough questions to answer and the next BIG wave of challenges for your business. We believe that winning in this new world depends on how well you:

• Put each customer at the heart of everything you do.
• Provide an environment that helps your people get work done.
• Use your communications to build competitive advantages.

Extend the Capabilities of Your Network

Avaya™ Unified Communication Center lets you turn your users’ mailboxes into a communication center, extending the capabilities of your network—including your Octel®, Intuity™ AUDIX® and Microsoft® Exchange servers—for your key mobile and remote workers.
The Avaya Unified Communication Center means leveraging the power of your network applications to help build a workplace that lets your people improve the quality of their decisions, respond faster and more effectively to customers and partners, accomplish more in less time, and drive differentiation for your brand.

Access Seamlessly Through the Mode and Device of Their Choice

With Avaya Unified Communication Center, your mobile professionals can stay connected to customers, associates and partners via speech commands, wireless devices, and web browser. They can get to their most important information and communications functions through their phones, PDAs, desktop PC, or laptop—choosing the device that is most suitable at that time. Seamless and secure access to your network applications can speed response times to customer requests, allow more time to pursue new sales leads, and help give your company a competitive edge.

Integrate for Simplicity and Effectiveness

Calling. Conferencing. Messaging. Scheduling. Directories. See them all come together seamlessly and securely with the Avaya Unified Communication Center. By bringing together these critical information sources and providing the ability to act on that information in a single, seamless session, mobile professionals can make the most of their time.
Strategic Deployment of Unified Communication Solutions

Strategically deploy Unified Communication solutions to the people who have the greatest impact on your business: executives and managers, sales people, professional specialists, and anyone who has a high level of interaction with customers and associates. Competitive differentiation in today’s customer economy is a moving target, and the award-winning* Avaya Unified Communication Center can help your key customer-facing personnel do more every day, by allowing them to be as effective when mobile as they are in the office.

*Winner — “Best Network Application Software” — Networld + Interop 2002

The Avaya Unified Communication Center delivers a common experience regardless of where your users are working, the network services they need to access or the device they want to use to access them.

Solutions : Communications Enabled Business Processes

A holistic combination of software, consulting, and support services that integrate Avaya Intelligent Communications into business processes, making it possible to sense events in real-time and then orchestrate and track enterprise-wide actions — creating a more responsive organization.

When it comes to understanding your business operations, one of the biggest challenges you may face is not getting more information about your business process — it’s making smarter, faster use of the information that’s already available.
Like most companies, you may have invested heavily in IT infrastructures to gather critical information from many sources about your business process. But you still face a major challenge when it comes to acting on that information. Because your business relies primarily on people to receive information, analyze it and orchestrate the organizational response, there are inevitable delays (or latency) that can have a dramatic impact on business performance.

The problem lies in the sheer volume of information, the wide range of heterogeneous sources from which it is gathered, and the fact that it is often dispersed in isolated pockets across your business. All of this makes it difficult for managers to correlate data and quickly get the visibility to identify patterns and detect events.

Even when it is possible to pinpoint important events quickly enough to do something about it, managers must then take on the role of orchestrating the

communications: contacting and mobilizing key personnel, distributing the relevant information, and then following up to verify actions. The situation is particularly acute during exception or crisis events.
And because the cycle of response is separate from the business process itself, it’s difficult if not impossible to later reconstruct what actions were taken for the purposes of post-hoc analysis or compliance.

Not having an intelligent process in place to recognize and act on important events as soon as they occur dramatically impacts business performance and significantly diminishes the value of the investment in IT.


Detect and act on real-time information without delay

Accelerate response and resolution time by optimizing existing processes and communications

Increase the productivity of scarce human resources

Leverage existing communication resources to create new business value

Create competitive advantage through business processes that provide better responsiveness and pro-active customer service