Unified Communications

AYC&T  has made its mark not just in the UAE but in the entire Middle East as a leading provider of Telecom solutions.
The trusted solutions from the company include solutions for Monitoring, Stress Testing, Customer Experience Management (QoE), Roaming & Interconnect, Revenue Assurance, Business Intelligence, OSS/BSS, DMS, Disaster Recovery Automation, GIS and Contact Centers.

AYC&T is also most sought after for the services it provides – from Network Planning and Optimization, Drive Test & Post processing, RF & LOS Field survey, Installation, Maintenance, Passive Intermodulation testing, Time Synchronization Audits, EMF testing, Manpower outsourcing, Fiber works, Revenue Assurance/Fraud Management  & Security Consulting to Wireless Professional trainings, AYC&T is the best in whatever it delivers.

AYC&T’s in-depth understanding of technology and hands on experience helps us to bring the best products, solutions & technical practices to the rapidly growing wireless industry. It enables us to deliver world class quality of services to maximize Network Data and Voice performance.