In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services. In order to build loyalty and drive profitability, banks will need to offer a non-stop interactive Banking environment. To achieve this, banks need to increase their business agility by anticipating customer needs and offer an engaging user experience. What is the offerings from AYCT?



AYC&T helps Government and its members relate to one another while keeping it running smoothly, securely, and peacefully by creating business cases for the adoption of technology that benefits citizens through:

  • Assessment and guidance for e-Governance projects with clear value propositions and ROI
  • Establishment of uniform information and data strategies and uniform structures for streamlined management
  • Advanced integrated solutions that addresses organizational, legal, compliance, environmental, confidentiality and security issues

We believe that our technology capabilities streamline Government processes and infrastructure. Our goal is to guide Governments towards smart IT choices to meet the expectations of their citizens.-done



We integrate smart technology to satisfy guests’ expectations, grow occupancy rate, increase return visits, create personalized experiences and achieve differentiation.

Purely customer driven industry where technology developments continue at a relentless pace, it can be difficult for hotels, leisure providers and those in hospitality to keep up with recent changes. However, the savings and improvements that technology can deliver mean that managers and directors really need to keep one eye on latest trends that AYC&T can provide at It’s best.

  1. Cloud / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. Mobility
  3. Social
  4. Personalized Systems
  5. Integration
  6. Globalization

Oil and Gas

This industry relies on technology – whether it’s the latest cloud tech allowing virtual applications and enabling remote working across regions and platforms or the mega processing of big data assessing the huge volumes of real time geoscience, finance, environmental and system information. AYC&T can provide an integrated solution to achieve best performance in the industry.


Insurance companies need to provide appropriate and prompt response to clients and service providers to ensure customer satisfaction. AYC&T provides tailored made ICT solution to enhance efficiency, quality of service delivery and profitability of insurance companies.



AYC&T IT patient focused enterprise solutions, makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through the secure use and sharing of health information. By developing secure and private electronic health records and making health information available electronically when and where it is needed, AYC&T can improve the quality of care, even as it makes health care more cost effective.

With the help of AYC&T, health care providers will have:

  • Accurate and complete information about a patient’s health. That way, providers can give the best possible care, whether during a routine visit or a medical emergency.
  • The ability to better coordinate the care given. This is especially important if a patient has a serious medical condition.
  • A way to securely share information with patients and their family caregivers over the Internet, for patients who opt for this convenience. This means patients and their families can more fully take part in decisions about their health care.
  • Information to help diagnose health problems sooner, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care at lower costs.

AYC&T has also provided Ministry of Health with solutions such as health care provision from the ease of home or office.

Our technology solutions play a vital role in the seamless operation of large multi-purpose venues and event centers and  including besides converged IP network infrastructure for both fixed and wireless voice and data communications also digital cinema projectors, RFID security solutions and CCTV for access control and monitoring, interactive displays.